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This documents Cemetery data I've found that contains VanAuken/VanAken headstones. Some data was obtained from public and historical documents, other data was obtained by me during visits to cemeteries in the NY/NJ/PA region where VanAukens and VanAkens made their early homes. Most of this data has been transcribed by scanning historical and newspaper documents into text.
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Bath Cemetery, Mason County, Illinois

My name is William Alva Van Auken and my line is:
Marinus>Cornelis>Johannes>Peter>John>Abraham>John  P>Alva>Bernard>Me.

The Abraham you see is the Abraham J. you see  listed in the index. Either John or Abraham migrated to Illinois hence the  index under Bath Township, Mason County, Illinois, Bath Cemetery. 

Vanauken, A.J.                             Co. K 17th 111 Inf
Vanauken, A.J.                             15th 5. Art Sp war
Vanauken, Abraham J.         2 Aug 1884     aged 50 years
Vanauken, Alice                     1 Sep 1871     aged 2 yrs 3 mo 23 d
Van Auken, Alva J.               18 Feb 1899     18 May 1945     veteran
Van Auken, Eliza A.             15 Jun 1883         aged 18 yrs 9 mo dau of A.J & M.A Vanauken, Hattie                  1871                     1925 
Van Auken, John T.               1866                     1952
Van Auken, Nancy Ann        1846                     1936
Van Auken, Nancy A.            18 Oct 1846         14 Oct 1938

Oak Grove Cemetery in Coldwater, Branch
County, Michigan.

Names taken from the book : "Cemetery Inscriptions and Records 1831-1986 Branch County, Michigan  Vol  IV,  OAK GROVE CEMETERY -  COLDWATER, MICHIGAN "
(A Project of the Branch County Genealogical Society),  
Printed by THE ANUNDSEN PUB. CO.,  108 Washington Street,  Decorah, Iowa  52101     1988.

Please note the names in (   )  are person responsible for burial arrangements and may or may not be related to the desceased. Notes in  { }  are my notes to help clarify info for you.

Van Aken, Anna,  b  13 Apr 1867,  d  Long Beach, CA.  14 Mar 1962,  age 94, female,  widowed, (Sue L. Caille, dau),  Lot 811, Sec OP, Vol 3-35.

Van Aken,  Anthony,  b  Lenawee Co., MI,   d Albion, {MI.}  23 Mar 1877,  age 45, male,  married,  conductor,  injured by cars,  Lot 717, Sec OP,  Vol OB-59.

Van Aken,  Arthur E.,  b  Coldwater,   d  Ypsilanti, MI.  30 Jan 1933, age 57,  male,  married, (Helen Van Aken),  Lot 27,  Sec A,  Vol 2-109.

Van Aken,  Bernie L.,  B  Coldwater,  d  Elkhart, IN.  5 Sep 1944,  age 80,  male,  married, (Warner B. Van Aken),  Lot 811,  Sec OP,  Vol 2-140.

Van Aken,  Celia A.,  b  NY,  d  Coldwater  11 Oct 1898,  age 58y 5m, female,  married,  (E.W. Van Aken),  Lot 298,  Sec OP,  Vol 2-8.

Van Aken,  Clara E.,  b  Inkster, {MI.}  6 Mar 1899,  d  Sherwood Twp. 13 Jan 1963,  female,  married,  (Van Aken, husband), Lot 12,  Sec 15,  Vol 3-37.

Van Aken,  Cornelius,  b  Delaware City, NY,  d  Girard Twp  17 Nov 1853,  age 58,  male,  married,  (Harriet, wife),  farmer,  father b Delaware Co., NY,  mother b Columbia Co., NY,  Lot 717, Sec OP,  Vol OB-16.

Van Aken,  Donna W.,   b  near Bessemer, MI,   d Coldwater 3 Feb 1928, age 63y 8m 9d,  female,  married, (B.L. Van Aken),  Lot 811, Sec OP,  Vol 2-96.

VAn Aken,  Edna  B.,  d Sherwood Twp 13 Sep 1969,  age 86,  female, widowed,  Lot 122,  Sec 15,  Vol 3-55.

Van Aken,  Edna N.,  b Coldwater,  d  Coldwater  13 Oct 1896,  age 7y 5m 22d,  female,  (Mark J. Van Aken),  Lot 810, Sec OP,  Vol 2-3.

Van Aken,  Eliza M. (Cronk),   b  Ontario, Canada,  d  Coldwater  9 Mar 1904, age 72y 4m,  female,  married,  (J. H. Van Aken, husband),  Lot 717, Sec OP,  Vol 2-23.

Van Aken,  George W.,  b  NY,  d Coldwater  3 Jan 1914,  age 85y 2m 25d,  male,  married, (M.J. Van Aken), Lot 932, Sec OP,  Vol 2-54. 

Van Aken,  Gertie,   b Ovid Twp,  d Coldwater  25 Aug 1893,  age 28, female,  married,  Lot 810, Sec OP,  Vol OB-129.

Van Aken,   Gladys  (Sapp),  b  Wyanet,  IL., 13 Jun 1894,  d  Girard Twp 13 Sep 1981,  age 87,  female,  widowed, (Bryant and Elmer (Fritz), sons ),  Lot 811, Sec OP,  Vol 3-83.

Van Aken,  Grace  M.,  b  Saginaw, MI, d Coldwater  24 Jul 1938,  age 59,  female,  married, (Jay H. Van Aken),  Lot 720  1/2,  Sec OP,  Vol 2-124.

Van Aken,  Harriet (Phelps),  b NY 1798,  d  22 Jan 1864,  age 65, female,  widowed,  late husband Cornelius Van Aken,  Lot 717, Sec OP,  Vol OB-153.

Van Aken,  Helen,  b Coldwater 9 Jun 1880,  d  Walled Lake {by Orland, Steuben Co., IN.},  1 May 1968,  age 87, female,  widowed, (Donald & Herbert, sons),  Lot 27,  Sec A,  Vol 3-52.

Van Aken,  Homer C.,  b  Sturgis, {St. Joseph Co., MI.},  d Battle Creek, {Calhoun Co., MI.}  24 Apr 1938,  age 65,  male,  married,  (Mrs. Ida Van Aken),  Lot 119,  Sec 2,  Vol 2-123.

Van Aken,  Hugh M.,  b  Coldwater  3 Feb 1891,  d  ILL.  19 May 1963, age 72,  male,  divorced, (Mark of CA. & John of ILL., sons),  Lot 810, Sec OP,  Vol 3-39.

Van Aken,  Ida  M.,  b Girard Twp.  17 Sep 1870,  d  Battle Creek  12 Jan 1957,  age 86, female,  widowed, (Vernon M. Van Aken, son), Lot 119, Sec 2,  Vol 3-21.

Van Aken,   Infant,  b Coldwater,  d Coldwater  11 Jul 1904, stillborn, (Mark J. Van Aken),  Lot 810,  Sec OP,  Vol 2-25.

Van Aken,  James  Harrison,   b  Syracuse, NY  3 Oct 1820,  d Coldwater 26 Jun 1907,  age 85y 8m,  male,  widowed, (Mark Van Aken),  Lot 717,  Sec OP,  Vol 2-33.

Van Aken,  James  M.,  b  Branch Co.,  d  Sturgis, MI.  2 Jan 1881, age 30,  male,  married,  cigar maker,  parents b NY,  Lot 716,  Sec OP, Vol OB-66.

Van Aken,  Jay  H.,  b Branch County 20 Apr 1876,  d Coldwater 23 Sep 1961,  age 85,  male,  married,  (Bess Van Aken),  Spanish-American War, Lot 720  1/2,  Sec OP,   Vol 3-34.

Van Aken,  Katie,  d Girard Twp 27 Mar 1889,  age 18,  female, married,  adopted by her uncle - Hon. George W. Van Aken,  Lot 716,  Sec OP,  Vol OB-99 & OB-153.

Van Aken,  Lucile,  b  Coldwater,  d Coldwater  23 Feb 1906,  age 15y 10d,  female,  single, (B.L. Van Aken),  Lot 811, Sec OP,  Vol 2-29.

Van Aken,  Lucinda,  b  Cayuga Co., NY,  d  Girard Twp  6 Apr 1849, age 29,  female,  married,  father b Delaware Co., NY,  mother b Columbia Co, NY,  Lot 717, Sec OP,  Vol OB-16.

Van Aken,  Lucy,  b NY,  d Girard Twp 8 Mar 1885,  age 57,  female, married,  parents b NY,  Lot 933,  Sec OP,  Vol OB-79.

Van Aken,  Lucy Mae,  d  Rochester, MI,  6 Jun 1961,  age 91,  female, single,  (Donald Van Aken),  Lot 716,  Sec OP,  Vol 3-33.

Van Aken,  Marcus  J.,  b Girard Twp 28 Apr 1862,  d Coldwater 2 Aug 1925,  age 63,   male, married, (Anna Van Aken, wife),  Lot 810,  Sec OP, Vol 2-90.

Van Aken,  Maria (Clement),  b  Monroe Co., NY,  d  Girard Twp 23 Jul 1861,  age 35,  female, married, (James H.,  husband),  parents b NY,  Lot 717,  Sec OP,  Vol OB-13.

Van Aken,  Marion Foster,  b  Bronson, MI,  d Coldwater  24 Jul 1921, age 76y 9m 22d,  female,  widowed,  (Mrs. Ida Smalley),  Lot 283,  Sec OP, Vol 2-77.

Van Aken,  Martha  A.,  b  Ontario, {Canada},  d  Battle Creek, MI.  15 Oct 1912,  age 73y 4m 3d,  female,  widowed, (Homer Van Aken),  Lot 716, Sec OP,  Vol 2-50.

Van Aken,  Mary  E.,   b Lenawee Co., MI,  d 25 Feb 1852,  age 15 years,  female,  single,  father b Delaware Co., NY,  mother b Columbia Co, NY,  Lot 717,  Sec OP,  Vol OB-16.

Van Aken,  Nina,  b  Union Twp,  d  Coldwater 4 Oct 1894,  age 8, female,  parents b Branch County,  Lot 810,  Sec OP,  Vol OB-138.

Van Aken,  Sarah,  b Girard Twp,  d Girard Twp 19 Jul 1869,  age 9 months,  female,  parents b  Girard Twp,  Lot 717,  Sec OP,  Vol OB-40.

Van Aken,  Susan A. (Barney),  b  1833,  d 1867,  age about 34, female,  married, (James H.,  husband),  interred 7 Aug 1867, Lot 717,  Sec OP,  Vol OB-153.

Van Aken,  Van J.,  b Girard Twp,  d  Sherwood Twp  21 Feb 1947,  age 68,  male,  married,  (Edna Van Aken),  Lot 122,  Sec 15,  Vol 2-147.

Van Aken,  Van L.,  b Girard Twp 27 Feb 1903,  d Union City  27 Aug 1983,  age 80,   male,  widowed,  (Charles Van Aken of Bronson),  Lot 12, Sec 15,  Vol 3-87.

Van Aken,  Vernon M.,  b  Battle Creek  10 Feb 1908,  d  Battle Creek 6 Feb 1976,  age 67,  male,  single,  Lot 119,  Sec 2,  Vol 3-71.

Van Aken,  Warner  B.,   b Coldwater 30 Nov 1893,  d Girard Twp  18 Dec 1972,  age 79,  male,  married,  (Gladys, wife),  Lot 811,  Sec OP,  vol 3-64.

 *Van Akin,  Lottie,  b  Jackson, {MI}, 6 Jun 1893,  d  Coldwater 5 Dec 1964,  age 71,  female,  widowed,  (Grace Burns & Margaret Kimber, daughters),  Lot 876,  Sec 12,  Vol 3-43.
In the book : " Coldwater, Michigan Graduates - The First 100 Years 1868-1967 "

VanAken,  Elmer Frederick    1940  CHS
VanAken,  Esther - Cox          1926   CHS
VanAken,  Grace  1933  CHS
VanAken,  Hugh M.  1912   CHS
VanAken,  John T.   1940   CHS
Van Aken,  Margaret B.  1930   CHS
VanAken,  Marjory   1936   CHS
VanAken,   Mark  J.   1940  CHS
VanAKen,  Martha Sue      1963  CHS
VanAken,  Rachel - Watkins   1924   CHS
VanAken,  Susie - Callie    1919  CHS
VanAken,  Warner Bryant   1938   CHS
VanAken,  Warren  Bernie      1913  CHS

Information provided by anonymous person

 Maple Grove Cemetery Hudson Township, Lenawee Co

 Van Akin, Lydia (wf of Simon) d 5 Jul 1868 ae 63y 4m 21d

Van Akin, H. d 15 Jul 1887 ae 80y
H. Wilson d 6 Apr 1886 ae 84y
    T.W. d 4 May 1882 ae 42y

Alexander, Millie Van Akin d 9 Jul 1909
   Harry C only son d 14 Apr 1890 ae 19y

Van Akin, Margaret (wf of John, a revolutionary soldier) d 1 Feb 1861 ae 89y
   Dudley L. 1811-1900
    Betsey E. 1809-1900

Van Akin, William 1852-1930
Phoebe 1854-1902
Stephen A.. 1860-1861
Lydia M. 1844-1850

Van Akin, W.H.H. 1816-1890
Julia A. 1816-1890
Lillie J. 1854-1931

Smith, Cornelia Van Aken 1849-1915

Van Auken, Hulbert d 28 May 1898 ae 71y 9m 9d
    Sarah d 21 Feb 1869
ae 41y 6m 29d

Van Akin, Han Welch (wf of A.) d 2 Oct 1882 ae 47y
Minnie (dau A.& H.W.) d 29 Mar 1869 ae 9y
Oakes (son A. & H.W.) d 20 Aug 1874 ae 17y 24d
    Freddie (son A. & H.W.) d 3 Mar 1865 ae 9m
Lewis (son A. & W.A.) d 1 Aug 1882 ae 1y
Phildelia (dau A. & J.C.)

Van Akin, Lena R. (DAR) b 26 Feb 1876 d 4 May 1940
    Charles H. 1852-1921
    Lillie L. 1854-1936
    Hal E. 1879-1926

Van Aiken, Frank L. 1895-1940


Thanks to Clara Woll (#120)!

Submitted by Ann Croston

 North Dover Cemetery Dover Township, Lenawee Co


Van Auken, Lewis W. (son of Lemuel and Sallie) b 26 Nov 1859 d 10 Aug 1860
    Eleanor J. (dau of Lemuel and Sallie) d 10 Feb 1864 ae 12y10m14d
    Mother, Father (no dates)

 Hunt Cemetery  Hudson Township, Lenawee Co

 Vanaken, James A. (son of Benjamin and Rachel) d 10 Feb 1848 ae 18y 3m 25d

  Old Hudson City Cemetery Hudson Township, Lenawee Co

 Van Akin, William H. d 21 Jan 1841 ae 3y 2m 14d


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Submitted by Ann Croston

Riverside Cemetery     Cayuga Co


Van Aken, Ann Eliza Wynckoop, (w. Levi)  Oct 17, 1815-Feb 22, 1891

Van Aken, Levi, (s Levi & Ann E.) Sep 19, 1852-Sep 8, 1916

Van Aken, Levi Sep 24, 1779-Dec 17, 1861

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 Mt. View Cemetery   Saugerties, Ulster Co 

Van Aken, Loranzo  1871-1957

Van Aken, Jennie R.  1873-1956

Van Aken, Harland  1868-1919 

Van Aken, David F b 2 May 1834  d 10 Sep 1909

Van Aken, Almira France b 9 Apr 1839 d 12 Jan 1916

Van Aken, Evert M (105 Field Art'y 27 Div) 1894-1924

 Van Aken, William Lyman (s David & Almira) 9 Jun 1860-17 Sep 1860

Van Aken, Gladys (d Harland & Ella) 5 Sep 1893-12 Apr 1895

Van Aken, Alice E. 1925-

Van Aken, Ulysses C. 1915-1980

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 Parma Union Cemetery Parma, Monroe Co

 Vannaken, James C d Sep 24, 1875 ae 35y 2m 4d

Vannaken, Lois Juletta (wf of J C Vannaken  and d of Leonard & Mary Curtis) d Apr 6, 1872 ae 32y4m

Vannaken, Orpha Hiscock  (wf of J C Vannaken) d Sep 24, 1878 ae 33y


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  Claryville Reformed Dutch Church Ground   Sullivan Co


Vanaken, Matthew d 7 Oct 1906 ae 82y

(Other entries are more recent)














Ada Elizabeth Goetz Van  Auken


w/o David Orville VA




30 Oct 1966




Adelaide May Van Auken


d/o Rutson S VA


13 Jun 1905


1 Aug 1925




Alice Bowers Van Auken


Poss d/o Rutson S VA




7 Apr 1990




Ann Van Auken


(Van Denburgh) w/o Henry VA


ca 1807


21 Sep 1879




Charles H Van Auken


s/o David Henry VA


ca 1856


19 Jan 1908




Child of D H Van Auken


child of David H. VA?




12 Jul 1886




David H Van Auken


s/o Henry VA


17 Dec 1829


2 Feb 1915




David OrvilleVan Auken


s/o Edward Miner VA


2 Mar 1862


1 Feb 1929




Earle S Van Auken


s/o Rutson S VA


24 Jun 1895


17 Jul 1956




Edward Miner Van Auken


s/o David VA


9 Mar 1834


20 Apr 1901




Eleanor Van Auken


d/o Rutson S VA


ca 1910


26 Sep 1915




Esther Moore Van Auken


d/o Rutson S VA


5 Apr 1893


28 Jan 1961




Eva Florence Van Auken


d/o Wilbur Eugene VA


ca 1893


17 Nov 1894




Florence A Van Auken




ca 1856


9 Aug 1886




Francis Amelia Barns Van Auken


w/o Lansing VA


16 Mar 1860


21 May 1932




Gladys A. Miller Van Auken


w/o William B VA


21 May 1897


1 Apr 1918




Harriett E Van Auken


w/o David Henry VA


10 Oct 1833


13 Feb 1896




Hattie B Van Auken


d/o David H VA


ca 1859


22 Jul 1898




Henry Van Auken




ca 1914


3 Feb 1915




Henry Van Auken


s/o David VA


26 Jul 1801


5 Sep 1877




Rev. Lansing Van Auken


s/o Isaac VA


Oct 1856


27 Nov 1915




Margaret Ann Hall Van Auken


w/o Wilbur Eugene VA


Jan 1863


9 Jun 1909




Mary Elizabeth McNeil Van Auken


w/o Rutson S VA


3 Oct 1807


11 Dec 1949




Niles Van Auken


s/o David H VA


ca 1858


1 Nov 1883




Percival Van Auken


s/o Rutson VA


ca 1898


11 Jun 1898




Rutson S Van Auken


s/o Jeremiah VA


17 Sep 1860


28 Dec 1952




Rutson S Van Auken Jr


s/o Rutson S VA


9 Mar 1902


14 May 1904




Sarah Frances Van Auken


d/o Edward Miner VA


23 Oct 1864


25 Oct 1878




Stanley  Mann Van Auken


s/o Rutson S VA


29 Jun 1900


2 Feb 1989




Stella Van Auken


d/o David H VA


30 Nov 1854


Mar 1855




Susan Gage Van Auken


w/o Edward Miner VA


14 Feb 1832


29 Dec 1914




Susan Van Auken


d/o Wilbur Eugene VA


May 1888


30 Apr 1968




Wilbur Eugene Van Auken


s/o Edward Miner VA


5 Nov 1859


7 Mar 1951



These individuals are of the line Marinus, Pieter, Petrus, Henricus, David...         

Thanks to Mark H. Van Auken (#207) & Robert A. Van Auken (#8)!

Corrections: Regarding the Van Auken individuals buried in the Albany Rural Cemetery 

(Vol 12, pg 34, August 1995), listed is a Henry VA with a birth date of c1914 and death date of 3 Feb 1915.  Rutson VA and Mary Elizabeth McNeill (1863-1949) had a son, Henry, who died as a young child. His brothers and sisters are all buried at that cemetery. There is also an Alice listed with a death date of 1990. Was that a typo? Rutson & Mary Elizabeth had a daughter, Alice, who also died as a child. My grandfather was Stanley Mann VanAuken who was born June 28, 1900 (birth date says June 29, 1900.) My grandfather passed away on February 2, 1989. My grandmother, Mary Edith Curtis VanAuken is also buried at the same cemetery in the VA plot. A note says that "These individuals are of the line Marinus,  Pieter, Petrus, Henricus, David".

A correction: Rutson and his children are descended from Marinus, Pieter, Petrus, Jeremiah, Levi, Jeremiah, and Jeremiah. My grandfather had told me that there were a number of children who died while still young- Clarence, Percy, Alice, Eleanor, Henry, Archie, and Rutson Jr. Adelaide was 20 years old when she died from appendicitis. (b 13, Jun 1905- 1 Aug, 1925). Still alive of Rutson's children is Marjorie who was born 5 May 1912. Birthdate of Mary Elizabeth McNeill Van Auken is 1863 not 1807 as reported in the listing.

From:Linda Roderick <>

Reply: The source of the list was the Registrar of the Albany Cemetery Association. Our records show the children of Rutson and Mary Elizabeth McNeil as: Esther Moore, Earle S, Marjorie, Stanley Mann, Alice, Archie, Rutson Suckley Jr, Adelaide, Benjamin D, Percival D, Eleanor. (Editor)

Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County 

Anna F. Van Aken    May 1904

James B. Tanner  May 1914

William Clark   Jul 1933

George Van Aken    Apr 1943

-grave res for Mrs. Ada L. Hunter, dau of George Van Aken, 6-24-63

-plot purchased 1904 in the following names: George Van Aken, Frank L. Van Aken, Anna M. Van Aken and Carrie L. Tanner

Thanks to Vernon & Gabrielle Van Aken (#150)

Parkers Glen Cemetery Parkers Glen, X County

ALANSON VANAKIN Oct 1, 1841 - Aug 18, 1893
    His Wife MINERVA VANAKIN July 8, 1847 - May 18, 1908

EMMET VANAKIN Oct 9, 1866-Aug 4, 1869 LINA VANAKIN Mar 4, 1881 - Mar 22, 1908 (Marinus, Cornelius, Johannes, Peter, James Jeremiah, Alanson m Minerva Decker)

On hill above railroad tracks. Town was washed away by a flood.

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