Marinus VA Parents

Who are the parents of Marinus Van Aken and Pieternelle De Pre?

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Jan Coster Van Aken 

 Has anyone connected MARINUS VAN AKEN to JAN COSTER VAN AKEN who was in Albany in the early 1600's?

From Robert A. Van Auken: Regarding Jan Coster Van Aken, we know that he was an investor in Albany and made considerable money which he sent home to Holland with a friend. The friend misused the money. Jan Coster died in Holland and records show he had no children as heirs.

From Frederick A. Virkus, ed., The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy:
First Families of America (A Genealogical Encyclopedia of the U.S.)
(Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Md. 1987), Vol. II, page 341,
The Washington, D.C. Temple Family History Center,
10000 Stoneybrook Avenue, Washington, D.C., Vol. I-VII.

Jan Coster Van Aken is listed as Marinus father

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Ancestry of Roy Cole Goodwin II
Cole Goodwin <>

bulletID: I2948
bulletName: Mr. van Aken
bulletGiven Name: Mr.
bulletSurname: van Aken
bulletSex: M
bulletBirth: ABT 1600 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands
bulletChange Date: 16 JAN 1998 at 07:39:37

Marriage 1 Mrs. van Aken b: ABT 1600 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands
  1. Has children Jan Coster van Aken b: ABT 1629 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands
  2. Has children Pieter van Aken b: ABT 1640 in of Ulster County,New York
    bulletID: I2951
    bulletName: Pieter van Aken
    bulletGiven Name: Pieter
    bulletSurname: van Aken
    bulletSex: M
    bulletBirth: ABT 1640 in of Ulster County,New York
    bulletChange Date: 16 JAN 1998 at 10:36:57

    Father: Mr. van Aken b: ABT 1600 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands
    Mother: Mrs. van Aken b: ABT 1600 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands

    Marriage 1 Weyntjen (Wintje) Moreen b: ABT 1644 in of Ulster County,New York
    1. Has no children Gideon van Aken b: 1666 in Prob. Ulster County,New York
bulletID: I87
bulletName: Jan Coster van Aken
bulletGiven Name: Jan Coster
bulletSurname: van Aken
bulletSex: M
bulletBirth: ABT 1629 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands
bulletChange Date: 16 JAN 1998 at 07:39:02

Father: Mr. van Aken b: ABT 1600 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands
Mother: Mrs. van Aken b: ABT 1600 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands

Marriage 1 Elsie Janse b: ABT 1631 in of Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands
  1. Has children Marinus van Aken b: 1655 in Cadzand,Holland,Netherlands


Several sources have listed Pieter and Calaertje as the parents of Marinus

bulletBIRTH: ABT 1625 - Thielt, Belgium
bulletDEATH: BEF. 1680, Nieuwvliet, Zeeland, Holland

Wife : Calaertje COPPIJNS

bulletMARRIAGE: 21 Jul 1652, Zeeland, Holland


  1. +Marinus VAN AKEN
  2.  Gideon VAN AKEN
  3. +Pieter VAN AKEN
  4. +Cornelius VAN AKEN
  5.  Jan VAN AKEN
  6.  Pieternelle VAN AKEN
  7.  Barent VAN AKEN
  8. +Cornelia VAN AKEN

Peter van Ecke

Peter van Ecke is on the April 1659 passenger list as a planter from Leyden, Holland


April 1659 in The Beaver from Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664
bulletPeter Arentsen Diesvelt; taylor
bulletAmadeas Foa/rgie, Frenchman, farmer
bulletJacques Reneau, Frenchman; Agrriculturer
bulletJacques Monier, Frenchman; Agriculturer
bulletPiierre Monier, Frenchman; Agreculturer
bulletMatthieu Savariau, Frenchaman; Agriculturist
bulletMaintien Savariau, Frenchman; Agriculturer
bulletPeter Follenaer, from Hasselt
bulletCornelis Michielsen, From Medemblick
bulletGrietje Christians, from Tonningen
bulletClaes Jansen, from Purmerend; wheelwright, and Wife, servant and child
bulletMarten van de Wert, from Utrecht; hatter
bulletPeter van Ecke;planter, from Leyden
bulletJacobus vander Schelling, and his boy
bulletAlbert Theunissen Vermeulen, from Rotterdam, and Wife and four children
bulletGeertry van Meulen; maiden
bulletHannetje Ruytenbeck, maiden
bulletMatthew Andriessen, from Peters-houck
bulletHendrick Theunisz Hellinck and wife
bulletLawrens van der Spiegel van Vlissingin


Letters to the Editor - From Bea Trembeth (#9):

The Van Aken/Van Auken Newsletter, #1 – On the second page of your newsletter it states that Pieter Van Aken and Weyntjen Moreen were the parents of Marinus, Barent, Cornelia, Gideon, Peter, and john. They were the parents of Barent, bap 11Jun1662, but so far as I know, there is no record showing them to be parents of Marinus or Cornelia. If there is proof…I would love to have it.

 In fact, the entry in Baptismal and Marriage Record of the Old Dutch Church at Kingston reads:

 Pieter van Aalen                     Barent

 Weyntjen Morren                    11Jun 1662

 I could be wrong, but I think Pieter van Aalen is the Peter van Halen from Utrecht, who came with his wife, two children, and a boy, in the Gilded Beaver (ship) in 1658. There were many Van Alens living in the Albany area. It is possible that he belongs to that family, but again, no proof!

 In A.M. Ronk’s genealogy of the Van Aken and Allied Families (written in 1934) he states Peter Van Aken and Weyntje Marren appear in the Kingston Reformed Dutch Church records, June 11, 1662, at the baptism of their son, Barent. He also attributes Cornelia (Van Aken) to them. Unless there is proof, I would have to question the reliability of his statement. Cornelia, herself, states that she was born in Zeeland.

Jan Chambers and Cornelia Van Aken


 Very little information is known about Cornelia Van Aken, sister of Marinus. No record has been found for her birth date or baptismal date. Her parents’ names are also unknown.

  We do know that Cornelia was married to Jan Chambers, and they had the following children – all baptized in the Old Dutch Church at Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

Andries        bap. 28Apr 1693         (No further record found on him)
Lysbet          bap. 8Mar1696
Margaret      bap. 25Sep1698           mar. Richard Lounsbery
Marinus       bap. 8Jun1701              mar. Susanna Kittle
Sara               bap. 12Mar1704          mar. Abraham Kermer
Eduard         bap. 11Aug1706          mar. Elizabeth
Salomon/     bap. 7May1710           mar. Sara Kortrecht

  It is assumed that Salomon who was baptized May 7, 1710 is the Samuel who married Sara Kortright/Kortrecht in 1738.  No record for Salomon has been found other than his baptismal entry listed above.

 We do find Samuel Chambers living in the same general area where Sara Chambers, and her husband, Abraham Kermer lived. Samuel and his wife, Sara Kortrecht, also witnessed the baptism of two of Sara Chambers and Abraham Kermer’s children. This indicates that he was a very close relative of hers, and no doubt was her brother.

  According to Baptismal and Marriage registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County it states ”Cornelia van Aaken, widow of Jan Chambers, married Jan van Etten on the Jun 22, 1731”. Cornelia was born in Zeeland, and at the time of her marriage, she and Jan van Etten were both residing in Horley (Hurley), Ulster County, New York.

VA Cousin? from Belgium - De Pre Family

I was very astonished to read that the roots of the Vanaken family get to
Belgium. In fact Belgium is a rather small country: by car or train, I can
get anywhere in Belgium within 2 hours. So to the question if I live near
Tielt or Wingene, I 'd say 'yes'.
In fact, neighbors of mine are called "De Pre" by family name.
Date about the families you can get in the city halls of Tielt and Wingene;
I don't think there are places on the web where you can get info like that.

If you need any other info don't hesitate to contact me.

Greetings, Johan Vanaken -