There are eight “cousins” who would very much like to find their connection to the line of Marinus if it exists or find the ancestors of Peter L. The answer probably could be in Berne, Albany County, NY. There should be a baptism for Peter, and a marriage license. Perhaps Peter L. had purchased and sold land. He could be listed in his father’s will. Any additional information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


PETER L. VANOCKER              (? L=Levi)

b 1769

            d 6Jul1848 ae 79

            bur Cadwell Corners Cemetery, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co, NY




            b 1777

            d 20Jul1855 ae 78

            bur Cadwell Corners Cemetery, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co, NY



                        +Levi               b ca 1799-1800            mar Caroline Crane

                        +Jacob             b ca 1802                mar Clarissa (Clara) Collier

                        +William         b 26Dec1805                  mar Philura Dennis

                        +Peter Jr.        b 14Feb1807                  mar Laura (Lovina) Paige   

                        +Henry            b 25Dec1810                  mar Lucia Wilson

                          Mary Ann            b ca 1817                d 1Apr1835 ae 18

                                                bur Cadwell Corners Cemetery, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co, NY

                          Patty                b ca 1819                d 15May1835 ae 16

                                                bur Cadwell Corners Cemetery, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co, NY


1800 Berne, Albany Co, NY

1810 Berne, Albany Co, NY

1810 Aaron, son of Johannes and Maria (Masten) Van Aken is living nearby

1820 Locke, Cayuga Co, NY

1830 China, Genesee Co, NY. Levi is living next to his father.

1840 Centerville, Alleghany Co, NY. Jacob and William are living in China, Genesee Co NY. Henry is in Riga, Genesee Co and Peter Jr is in Centerville, Alleghany Co also.

1850 Peter and Peter Jr. are in Freedom, Cattaraugus Co, NY. Jacob and William are in China, Wyoming Co, NY. Levi is in Hume, Alleghany Co, NY. Hume, Centerville, Freedom, and Pike very close.

After 1850 some of the family seems to have started moving west: Levi and Henry’s family going to IL and then IA. Some of the descendants were in CA. Jacob, Peter Jr., and William stayed in Wyoming Co., NY



LEVI VANOCKER (Peter L., Levi)

            b ca 1799/1800 NY



            mar ca 1822


            Caroline Crane

            b ca 1806




            Children (All b NY):

                          Charlotte                      b 1823

                        +Francis                       b 28Jan1824                   mar Mary Campbell

                        +Leroy Wm                  b 10Aug1828                  mar Olive Madison

                          Female                         b 1825-30

                          Triphena                       b 1834

                          Levi                              b 1836

                          Earnest H                     b 1841

                                                            d 10Oct1923 CA

                          Ralph                           b 1844


1830 living next to his father, Peter in China, Genesee Co., NY

1850 this family is living in Hume, Alleghany Co., NY

            Levi is listed as a farmer, also George Hunter b 1845 living there.


JACOB VANOCKER (Peter L., Jacob)

            b ca 1802 NY

            d bef 1860




            Clarissa (Clara) Collier

            b ca 1804





                        +Peter              b ca 1825                mar Elizabeth

                          Jane                 b ca 1829

                          Mary Anne            b ca 1835

                        +Amos             b ca 1838                mar Delia Gilbert

                          Martha b ca 1841                (?Marsha who mar Seymour Gilbert)


1830 Census p 247 Locke, Cayuga Co., NY 01001-20001

1840 Census p 72 China, Genesee Co., NY (near Henry 1771) 111001-101001

1850 li China, Wyoming Co

1860 li China, Wyoming Co




WILLIAM VANOCKER (Peter L.,  William)

            b 26Dec1805 NY

            d  18Jan1887 ae 81—8-16

            bur Eagle Village Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY



            Philura Dennis d/o Isaac & Hannah (Brown) Dennis

            b ca 1812/15 VT

            d 18Jun1895 ae 83

            bur Eagle Village Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY


            Children (all b NY):

                          Sarah               b ca 1833

                        +Isaac              b Sep1834                      mar Calista Farrand

                        +Jesse              b ca 1837                mar Eliza Beckwith

                          Alvira   b 26May1839                 mar Thos J Cobb

                                                                                    d 15Mar1926

li Sandusky

+Levi                        b ca 1842                        mar Permelia J. Williams

  Rosina            b ca 1844

  Almina            b ca 1846

  Louisa            b ca 1849                        mar Le Droit Beckwith

                                                bur Eagle Village Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY

                          Horace b ca 1852/3             d 1Feb1895 ae 43

                        bur Eagle Village Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY

  Clarissa            b ca 1855


1840 li China, Genesee Co, NY 010001-211001

1850 li China Wyoming Co., NY

1860 li Eagle/Arcade Wyoming Co., NY



            b 14Feb1807

            d  3Aug1888 ae 81-5-20

            bur Cadwell Corners Cemetery, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co, NY

            mar ca 1839


            Lovina Paige

            b 23Dec1813


            bur Cadwell Corners Cemetery, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co, NY



  Rosetta             b 8Aug1840            mar Edwin Dows

  Matilda            b 7Apr1842            mar Jonathon Gates (1827-1905)

+Milo                        b 17Dec1843            mar E. Jane Andrews

  Anna                        b 30Nov1845            mar Sylvester Barnard

  William            b 30Mar1848            mar Mary Witheral

                        1880 Centerville, Alleghany Co, NY with Nellie, 3 (ad)

                                                Also li Cadillac, MI

                                                d Arcade, NY

+Peter Jr            b 24Dec1850            mar Carrie Burgess

+Olive                        b 6Dec1852            mar Charles A. Williams

  Emma            b 17Apr1854/5 mar Thomas Findley (1842-1923)


?dau Betsey b 29Apr1862 mar LeRoy Claire, and a girl that d ae 4/5


1840 li Centerville, Alleghany Co, NY. 2 females under 5

1850 li Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., NY


HENRY VANOCKER (Peter L., Henry)

b 25Dec1810 NY

            d 26Dec1864 Plato, Kane Co, IL

            bur Plato Center Cemetery, Kane Co, IL



            Lucia Wilson

            b 13Oct1816 NY

            d 23Apr1892 Gibbon, NE



            Children (all b NY):

                        +Martha Ann               b ca 1836/7             mar Augustus Fay

                          Jerusha             b ca 1839                mar --------Robinson

                        +Morris Daniel            b 22Oct1841                  mar Honora “Dora” Burke                           +Henry             b 4Jul1843                      mar Mary Armstrong

                          Elisbeth                        b ca 1845                mar 21Apr1866

                                                                                                Ephraim Gardner in Kane Co IL

                        +Alphonso                   b 24Aug1847                  mar Samantha Filloon

                          Orlando                        b ca 1849                d 1859

                                                                                                Bur Plato Center Cemetery


MORRIS DANIEL VAN OCKER (Peter L, Henry, Morris Daniel)

            b 22Oct1841

            d 16June1896 16Jun1896 Langdon, Reno Co, KS (Struck by Lightening)

            bur Arlington, Reno, Co., KS

            mar 7Mar1867 Burlington, Kane Co., IL


             Honora “Dora” Burke d/o Richard & Margaret (Gwinne) Burke

            b 3Jul1849 New York City, NY

            d 12Dec1938 ae 89-5 Nickerson, Reno Co., KS

            bur Arlington, Reno, Co., KS



            Children (10):

                        Ida Mae     b 22Mar1868                  mar Daniel Winegard

                        Plus others.


Enlisted 29Mar1863 Chicago IL, ae 22 for 3 years with Co. K of the 15th Cavalry IL Regiment

Settled in southern Kansas