Puzzle 5 - John Calvin Van Auken

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           born -
          died -
burried -  

            married -  Sarah Haney
            born -
            died -


            William John                 b            mar Eudora Clemmens (d 1943 CA)            d 1949 CA

                                                            Ch: Lucille

            Earl Calvin               b            mar Ruby Scott (d 1842 CA)                    d 1959 CA

                                                            Ch: Robert Calvin, Melvin Earl      


Hi Ann,

I just happened across the "puzzle" section of the VA web site, and since
they are all several years old I was wondering whether they have been
answered (or if people are still interested).

Anyway, I was able to turn up some information on John Calvin VA (puzzle
#5), though I have not been, as yet, able to find out who his VA
grandfather was.  I don't want to keep looking, though, if it is already
known or no longer of interest.

Anyway, I was able to turn up the following so far, from online sources:

1a. William J. Vanaken: b. 14 Jun 1885 MO; d. 15 Sep 1949 Los Angeles Co.,
CA [CADI; mother Haney] ("CADI" = California Death Index)
1b. Earl Calvin Vanaken: b. 6 Oct 1887 NE; d. 29 Nov 1942 Los Angeles Co.,
CA [CADI; mother Haney]

2. John C[alvin] Vanaken: b. c1858 MO; blacksmith; m. 26 Feb 1882 Schuyler
Co., MO [John Vanakin m. Ella Haney; IGI from FHL #1,012,036; also Lewis
Vanakin m. Martha Payton there 23 Oct 1881]
3. Sarah Ellen "Ella" Haney: b. 19 Mar 1861 AR; d. 14 Aug 1952 Los Angeles
Co., CA [CADI; mother Rodgers]

4. William Vanaken: b. c1818 PA; blacksmith
5. Martha ___: b. c1826 PA
6. John Haney: b. c1830 OH; druggist
7. Eliza Rodgers: b. c1841 AR

8. ___ Vanaken: b. NY

1930 - Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, e.d. 681, sheet 7b

Vanaken, John C.    Head    M W 71  M 23    MO PA PA
___, Sarah E.       Wife    F W 69  M 20    AR MS TN

1880 - Downing, Schuyler Co., MO, p. 34d

Vanaken, William        M W 61  Blacksmith  PA NY PA
___, Martha     Wife    F W 53          PA PA PA
___, Lewis      Son M W 24  Blacksmith  MO PA PA
___, John       Son M W 20  Blacksmith  MO PA PA
(1 servant)

1880 - Downing, Schuyler Co., MO, p. 34c

Haney, John         M W 49  Retail druggist OH PA PA
___, Eliza      Wife    F W 38          AR PA PA
___, James      Son M W 22  Clerk in store  AR OH AR
___, Ella       Dau F W 19          AR OH AR
___, Grant      Son M W 14          OH OH AR
___, J.         Dau F W 12          OH OH AR
___, Ida        Dau F W 6           OH OH AR
___, Samuel     Son M W 8           OH OH AR

-Robert Battle


Hi Ann and Harold,

I have one more thing to add to what I wrote before.  It would *appear*
that the mother of (4) William V/A was probably Martha Baird (and (5)
Martha A. ___ was apparently his second wife).  A Martha Vanaken (b. about
1792 in PA) was living in William's household in 1850 (see below); she is
almost certainly the "Martha Baird Van Aken" (b. 1792; d. 1 Jan 1879)
buried in the Glendale Cemetery in Scott Co., IA
<http://www.celticcousins.net/scott/glendale4.htm>.  This doesn't help us
link to the data collected by Robert A. V/A, but it's one more probable
piece to the puzzle.


8. ___ Vanaken: b. NY
9. [prob] Martha Baird: b. 1792 PA; d. 1 Jan 1879; bur. Glendale Cemetery,
Scott Co., IA ["Martha Baird Van Aken" b. 1792 d. 1 Jan 1879]


1860 - Gallatin, Daviess Co., MO, p. 553

Wm.       Vanakin 40 M W Black Smith 1500 1500 PA
Martha A. " 31 F W PA
Nancy I. " 8 F W IA
Lucy A. " 4 F W MO
Jno. S. " 9/12 M W MO
Leroy Janson 24 M W Black Smith NY
Wm. Button[?] 20 M W Day Laborer NY

1850 - District 4, Scott Co., IA, p. 392 (196b)

W. A.   Vanaken 30 M Blacksmith 1500 PA
Mary M. " 6 F PA
Martha " 57 F PA
Andrew L." 26 M Waggon Maker PA
Benjamin W." 24 M   "     " PA
Sarah " 18 F OH
(3 laborers)