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Below is the text of a deed in the Hussey Patent. It's about a
century late but the land probably came down to this Peter by wills.

The text is in meets and bounds code that my mapping program
understands. It's pretty easy to follow though.

The descriptions are still pretty rough as I have not gotten back to
the original yet. the photocopy is very hard to read.

Prior information is probably contained in the "Dutch Records" in

Karl Wick

Typ Deed
Ref RedBook page 31
Dat 03 oct 1777
Frm Peter VanAken of Hussies Hills
To William VanVliet of Dutches County
Con 320 pounds
Re A lot of land in the Patent of Hussies Hills on the south side of
th Rondout Kill within the limits of Kingston
! Lying on the north and adjoining of a lott (sic) where David
Burhans now lives
! and begins by the river at the north east corner of said lott of
David Burhans
ln N;7c; and runs along the river due north 7 chains
pt thence
ln N14E;;7c;  cannot read distance
ln N10W;1c34l; cannot read bearing __W
pt the lott late of Samuel Whittaker then
ln N79W;22c20l; along that lott
pt an apple tree standing on the east ___________________ two
___ with three notches and a cross
ln N15W;9c; farther along said bounds
ln N19W;4c75l
ln S80W;33c; to
pt a hickory tree marked
ln S19E;4c75l;  Cannot read bearing S19_ to the
pt Plantasies creek then
ln S20E;5c;along the creek
ln S12W;3c
ln S36W;9c
ln S17E;4c
ln S83W;3c
ln S9E;8c
ln S25E;1c60l To the lott of David Burhans Aforesaid
ln N79E;30c60l; "Along Burhans north seventy seventy nine
degrees east" (sic)
pt a _____ tree marked
ln N72E;8c30l to
pt a stone standing in the ground on the east side of said _____ at
the corner of the Jones
ln S50.5E;8.5c;
ln N79E;13c40l to the first Station cannot read bearing _79e
! containing 149acres as drawn plots to 153 acres
! also a two acre lot in the clyne esopus fly.


I also have an 1803 deed from Abraham VanAken to John Van
Aken of the "farm where he now lives"

and three 1790 deeds to Abraham G. VanAken yeoman, if you are

All are east of Huzzies hill.

Most of my research deals with the Saint Remy area west of
Huzzy's hill where Benjamin Gideonsen or his father Gideon and
Jan settled in 1762.

I also have abstracts of deeds

Frm William Anderson 1725
To  Peter VanAken.

Frm Trustees of Kingston  ca 1745
To  Pietor VanAken Jr.

Frm Trustees of Kingston 1745 and 1752
To Gideon VanAken

Frm Trustees of Kingston 1745
To Marynus VanAken

All appear to be for pre-existing farms where these men lived.
Karl Wick

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