Van Aken / Van Auken Index

By Robert A. Van Auken

We are greatly indebted to Robert A. Van Auken for his untiring effort in indexing the many names (well over 5,000) of those individuals born with the Van Aken /Van Auken /Van Nocker (and other variants) name. As co-editors of the Van Aken/Van Auken Web Page, Harold Van Auken, Ann Croston, and Bradford Van Auken are very much in appreciation of the work produced by Robert A. Van Auken. His printed, limited editions are constantly referred to in helping "cousins" find their connections to their immigrant ancestors. We hereby thank Robert A Van Auken for sharing his Index on-line so that others may learn of their connection - or may have an opportunity to add or correct the information in the Index. All genealogies are a "work in process" and we hope you will find the Index useful and contribute new and/or corrected items!

Bio on Robert A. Van Auken (to be added by Ann)

CAUTIONS ON USING THE INDEX. The information published in the Index is to the best of information at hand, and is a compilation of published, written, and hand-me-down information. As such, it is prone to omissions and misunderstandings. The user/reader is cautioned to obtain documentary proof in EVERY case. The Index serves as a guide - NOT AS DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE. Any and all questions can be directed to Harold Van Aken, Ann Croston or Robert A. Van Auken.

Information About the Index - Description of codes used in the index and how it is organized


We invite additions, corrections and comments to the Robert A. Van Auken Index. Please send them to Harold Van Aken at and they will be added on an Addenda Page.

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